Eva Tamara Kiss

Counselling Psychologist; Candidate of Counselling Psychologist of Addictive Behaviours; Schema Therapy Consultant Candidate

I am a Psychologist; a Counselling Psychologist. Currently I study to become a Schema Therapy
Consultant and work under supervision, plus I am also a student of Counselling Psychology of
Addictive Behaviours.
I believe in words, the power of words. The spoken, the hidden, the nice, the loving, the teasing, the
hurtful, the angry and the calming ones. They say so much about us. I have worked in the field of
Communication for 15 years, managed to experience so much and so versatile. We can influence
what, how and how much we speak out, hold in, use to provoke or manipulate.
I do believe that getting to know ourselves is the way to a more content life. We do not necessarily
always have to search the past, however we can reveal a lot going there by being able to answer
some of our questions. We can find peace, relief, solace there that can for sure support us in going
forward. It is extremely motivational to see the puzzle pieces finding their righteous place, releasing
energies this way to allow us spreading the wings.
I have studied a couple of relating methods like Family Constellation, psychodrama, NLP, visualisation
techniques, working with fairy tales. I am also a mediator, journalist and communications
professional, however I spent the first half of my carrier at big companies.
I also do volunteering work at NGOs in Hungary and abroad for 10 years.

I can support the clients – adolescents, adult individuals, couples or families – in the following areas:

  • improving self-discovery, self-assessment
  • challenges in managing life
  • improving communication skills
  • managing conflicts
  • regulating emotions
  • difficulties of partnerships or among family members
  • couple and family consultation
  • managing stress
  • managing losses and grief
  • work related issues
  • carrier advice (change in carrier, preparation for job interview, managing changes)
  • crisis situations (normative and accidental)
  • prevention of addictions, reducing harm, supporting family members
  • staying healthy

Appointments are available via contacting the centre or by emailing to pszichokatalizator@gmail.com.


  • Schema Therapy Consultant, Hungarian Schema Therapy Association, Budapest
  • Counselling Psychologist of Addictive Behaviours, Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest
  • Counselling Psychologist, Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest
  • Mediator, Vista Verde Training Centre, Budapest
  • Psychologist (Master), Work and Organizational Psychology specialty, University of Debrecen
  • Psychologist (Bachelor), University of Debrecen
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